The Art of the Exit

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As some of you know I just returned from New Zealand where I shared some of our local startup knowledge and experiences. Overall the trip was energizing with an opportunity to see what we experienced in the early days of the tech communities in Southern California and Silicon Valley. Although I had a chance to […]

Taking On the 800lb Gorilla in Your Industry

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Every company has to face it sooner or later—selling against that entrenched player in your space.  You know the one.  They are the guys with the industry standard solution; they have every bell and whistle known to humanity.  No one every got fired for picking their solution, even if it is weak in some areas.  […]

Avoiding Intellectual Property Litigation

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Intellectual property litigation can be the death knell of a startup.  Not only is the litigation costly, it distracts the company founders from operating and growing the business, and  it makes it a lot it harder (if not impossible) to raise capital.  If the litigation turns out really badly, an injunction can be issued that […]

Raising Angel Capital in the Current Economic Climate

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The current economic crisis which we are facing is having a major impact on business everywhere. As one might expect, it is also having a significant impact on funding of early stage companies. Earlier this month, Sequoia Capital communicated the seriousness of the situation with their portfolio companies ( The presentation started with a slide […]

The Angel Funding Process – what every entrepreneur should know

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Question: What kinds of things have entrepreneurs done (and should do) to increase the odds of getting funded? From Matt Reno, Human Global Media Answer: For this year’s LA County Tech Week, John Isaacson our Chairman did a presentation on “How to impress and Angel and get your company funded.” This presentation, which can be […]

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