Should I File a Patent Application?

Posted by on Mar 25, 2008 in Intellectual Property | No Comments

Not all inventions are worth patenting, and there are alternative types of protection for inventions that may make more sense than a patent. When deciding whether to patent your invention, don’t become the victim of a common misconception – YOU DO NOT NEED A PATENT TO MARKET YOUR INVENTION. That’s because a patent only gives […]

Everyone Works for Marketing, part I: Love, Hate, and Customer Service

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If you accept that Marketing is fundamentally a process of education and awareness, of leading the right people to the right products, then it’s obvious that marketing isn’t a standalone function. The truth is that everyone who deals with anyone outside the company is doing marketing for the company, whether they want to or not. […]

The Angel Funding Process

Posted by on Mar 13, 2008 in Fundraising | 3 Comments

Question: I’d like to read more about your process–flaws and all. From Andrew Warner, Mixergy Nation Answer: Let’s assume that before applying, you’ve reviewed our website and fully understand our investment criteria (you’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs/companies don’t do this). If so, the first step is the online application. Three years ago we […]

Welcome to Our Launch

Posted by on Mar 7, 2008 in General | 2 Comments

With the Yankees early exit from the post-season (sorry…I’m from New York) and the Lakers’ pre-season prospects looking pretty dim, we had some extra time on our hands last fall and put our collective energies into creating our new blog. These days there’s no shortage of resources available to entrepreneurs on the net. However, the […]

A Silver Bullet for Early Stage Marketing

Posted by on Mar 6, 2008 in Sales & Marketing | 2 Comments

One of the easiest ways to kill a startup is to throw away money on the wrong marketing programs. The good news is that there is a single question that will prevent disaster: “How does (fill in the blank) marketing program contribute to sales right now?” If your head of marketing can’t answer that question […]

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