Legal Coffee: Innovative use of Trade Shows

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I’m not a fan of using Trade Shows and / or lures at trade shows for marketing purposes. So I was hugely impressed by CPC, an industrial coffee kitchen catering company, when they appeared at LegalTech. Why? On the face of it, their presence made no sense. The trade show was about technology for law […]

Is a Patent the Right Type of Protection?

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A patent may not be the appropriate type of protection to seek for your invention for multiple reasons. First, not everything invented qualifies as patentable subject matter– thus a patent may not even be available. Second, there are other types of protection available that may better suit your business goals or may be less costly […]

Free Stuff! Just fill out this brief survey…

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Why is it that so many marketers apparently can’t calculate the time value of money? The math involved is fairly simple. Take, for example, an executive earning $500 per hour. If you want them to fill out a six-minute survey, that’s $50 of their time. Do they receive something that’s worth at least $50 (in […]

Your First Sales Hire

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Every startup faces the question of who to hire for their first sales position. Do you look for that fantastic VP of sales who is not only a great closer, but also a master strategist? Do you hire that friend of the founder who is young but promising? How do you decide? Start by considering […]