How to Select an Angel Group

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Last summer, Jason McDowall wrote a guest post about his own personal experiences raising angel capital (not from the Pasadena Angels) and some of the challenges that followed. I recently re-read Jason’s post from June ’08 and thought it would be a good lead-in to evaluating an Angel organization and the process of finding ‘smart […]

Building Value in a Company

 [Editor’s Comment] In a previous post, we mentioned recently meeting Dr. Tom McKaskill (aka Dr. Exit) and were impressed with the vast knowledge and wisdom he’s shared over the years with entrepreneurs and startup companies around the world. Beginning with today’s post, we’d like to welcome Tom as a regular contributor.  Check out his website […]

Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Sales Team

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The current recession presents you with an opportunity to upgrade your sales team.  Many high quality salespeople are out of work, and base salaries have come down.  If you are fortunate enough to be hiring, now is the time to be aggressive.  If you don’t have open hires, think hard about eliminating poor performers and […]

Angel Investing 2009

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  In a previous post, I mentioned a visit to New Zealand to share some of our local startup and investor experiences. Mustapha Baha, one of my colleagues at the Pasadena Angels had a similar trip to his native Algeria to meet with local angel investors. As with New Zealand, I wouldn’t have predicted such […]