Why Not Just Do Some Window Dressing

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Most founders and CEOs leave preparing their businesses for sale far too late to do any serious changes. Generally they decide that they wish to sell out and it becomes an imperative that they do it as quick as possible. If you think about this a little, you can readily understand why selling quickly is […]

Beware of the Money Changers

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In last week’s post I talked about how to evaluate an angel group with my Letterman Top 10 list. Today’s headline covers #2 of that list (Do they actually have capital and a track record of investing their own personal funds) and is from a story I’ve told at several entrepreneurial events. Although most people […]

When Should I Sell My Company

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I’m often asked ‘When should I sell my business?”.  Usually they want me to give them some highly professional, probably, theoretically reason based on the state of the share market and their industry. Almost as if I could predict what the Federal Reserve Bank is likely to do in two years time. While I’m sure […]