Worthwhile Reading for Founders and Pitching

Over the course of this week I’ve come across some great articles and blog posts that should be required reading for any entrepreneur looking for funding—including those that have done it before. Starting with The Entrepreneurs Report from the law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) there are two articles from outside contributors on […]

Why Should I Sell my Company?

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Most company founders accept the fact that they will sell their business sometime, usually in the distant future when outside investors expect an exit. For many family businesses, the founders anticipate passing the business down to children while others plan to sell it to their managers and employees. However, there are some very good reasons […]

Startup Challenges and Failures

By now everyone has seen the infamous Sequoia presentation, R.I.P. Good Times. From what I can tell traveling around the US and overseas, it looks like these slides have circulated faster than the Paris Hilton video (sorry, no link on this last one–you’ll have to find it yourself). If you’ve already seen the presentation, there’s […]

Do They Charge Fees?

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Part III of a Continuing Series on How to Select an Angel Group Imagine going to a VC or bank and receiving a bill for a few thousand dollars for your first meeting. Imagine also that the requests for payment only get worse the further into their funding process you go. By now you’ve probably […]