An Angel Investor’s Thoughts on Valuation

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Following on the heals of last week’s post from Andrea Belz, we have another guest blogger, Bob Aholt. Bob is a Director and long-time member of the Pasadena Angels, has been investing in early stage companies for 5 years, and has been held numerous “C” level positions at private and publicly traded companies. Bob also […]

Avoiding the “Hammer Looking for a Nail” in Tech Transfer

From time to time we have posts from local members of the startup community that provide some great advice from a different perspective. Today’s post is from Dr. Andrea Belz, a long-time member of the Pasadena Angels, a local consultant and one of the brightest people I know (a CalTech PhD–what more can you say).  […]

Why Saying “No” is Hard for Angels

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A few years ago, Joe Torre (when still managing the Yankees) wrote an article for Business Week (Joe Torre on Winning) that’s well worth reading. One of the lines in the article pretty much sums up one of the hardest things for Angel investors to do and something that happens on a regular basis: “I […]