Presentation Tips and How Not to Introduce Yourself to Investors

Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Fundraising, General | No Comments

I’m off to Asia, so today’s post will be briefer than usual. Earlier today I came across an interesting post by the BBC (yes, that BBC), The Problem with PowerPoint.  Although they have a great global perspective and I listen to their Internet radio extensively, I don’t typically expect to see much coverage of our landscape. Their brief article provides some good advice for the PowerPoint junkies in our world, as well as any entrepreneurs pitching investors. It’s also a good complement to the other articles/videos on investor presentations we’ve had in earlier posts from David Rose and others.

The second article worth reading is from Mark Cuban (yes, and unfortunately that Mark Cuban). Although as a Lakers fan I don’t have a very favorable opinion of Mr. Cuban, this article provides a good example and analysis of a an email received from an entrepreneur that will eliminate any chances of getting funding and is very similar to the 4-6 emails received each week by the Pasadena Angels.