Since our start in late 2000, we’ve been actively working with entrepreneurs and start-ups in Southern California. Originally, most of this interaction was with companies going through our funding process, or through local events and conferences such as LA County Tech Week, VentureNet, or the Tech Coast Venture Network monthly programs. In early 2008, we started our blog to give entrepreneurs a forum to interact with our individual members and to ask questions related to start-ups and fundraising. As our organization has grown, we have received an increasing stream of questions from local entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics, including fundraising, company formation, legal matters, and marketing. Rather than address these individually, we’ve decided to answer them through a public forum so that more entrepreneurs can benefit.

To deliver the most informative experience for our readers, we draw from our diverse member base of over 100 experienced angel investors, with specific expertise and skills in areas critical to the success of emerging companies. Every week, a few of our members will write about a topic of particular interest to entrepreneurs.

The goal of our blog is to create a great resource and collection of real-world information for entrepreneurs and start-ups. To help us achieve this, we encourage questions and points of view from readers, along with suggestions for improving this forum.

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