Date Funded: 2012
Amount Funded: not disclosed

AlphaGenius is a technology and investment company that collects and analyzes data from the social Internet for the purpose of building investment models.
There are two key parts to the AlphaGenius technology. First, the system crawls the Internet to collect and curate social web data from sources like Twitter, Facebook, news, blogs, and forums. That data is then combined with traditional economic indicators. Second, it runs millions of relationships through a proprietary cloud-based econometrics machine learning system that produces hundreds of investment models.
AlphaGenius has investment models for hundreds of stocks, bonds, currencies, and ETFs.

The Pasadena Angels have been incredibly helpful in all three of our ventures: MediaDefender, which sold for $42M, Jirbo which sold for $21M, and they're helping us again today."
Randy Saaf, CEO, AlphaGenius

Visit us online at AlphaGenius to learn more.