Be The Beast

Date Funded: 2012
Amount Funded: not disclosed

BeTheBeast is the trusted online resource for highly engaged parents who aspire for their kids to succeed in youth sports. It delivers a comprehensive, integrated technology-driven solution that assesses ability, finds resources, tracks progress, and connects players to matched teams. The company’s proven solutions are built upon a platform of extensive sports domain knowledge, leading-edge technology and expert coaching & consultation. BeTheBeast defines and addresses the iterative development process facing every parent with a child playing youth sports.
BeTheBeast’s first product is its recruiting solution (, the industry’s most comprehensive online and offline college sports recruiting solution. The network combines the best of online recruiting solutions and one-on-one recruiting coaching. It delivers traditional college recruiting best practices and innovative use of digital player assessment and college matchmaking, statistically increasing a high school athlete’s probability of being recruited to play sports in college.

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