Gridtest Systems

Date Funded: 2012
Amount Funded: not disclosed

Gridtest was founded to address the interoperability and safety challenges faced by Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers, EV infrastructure providers and users, based on using electricity to power clean transportation.  Among the most pressing of these challenges are safe reliable operation and interoperability between the abundance of new EVs and charging stations coming to the market around the world.  These issues have the potential to disrupt charging, damage equipment, or leave drivers stranded.  Gridtest is the only EV charger test equipment manufacturer to address these challenges by comprehensively testing and verifying performance and interoperability, in accordance with international standards, in the lab, during installation and once deployed in the field.

Founded by experts in the test and measurement field, Gridtest provides reassurance to EV charging station manufacturers, EV manufacturers, independent test labs, and installation technicians by ensuring that safe and functional installation is completed and tracked.  The company’s EVE-100, a ruggedized test and measurement tool, is an “EV in a box” providing users with an intuitive, one-touch test tool that verifies and tracks the correct operation of EV charging stations in the lab or in the field, without the need of an actual EV present.  The test system provides more than 20 comprehensive test routines confirming the electrical, data and safety features of EV charging stations.  The EVE-100 is compatible with all charging stations that conform to SAE J1772 /IEC 61851-1. The equipment provides a simple pass/fail result through its touch screen interface.  Reports can be uploaded to the lab for further analysis and storage.

A trusted, independent source for the EV industry, Gridtest sells its test equipment directly and through a global network of authorized dealers.

GridTest Systems