• Conversations with Richard Chino Pt. 2
    Richard Chino

It’s about turning great ideas into great companies.

The Pasadena Angels is a nonprofit entity founded in 2000 that offers early-stage start-up ventures the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of more than 100 investor members that includes successful entrepreneurs, technologists, sales and marketing professionals, internet technology leaders, finance specialists and attorneys. Pasadena Angel members partner with fledgling companies and provide them with invaluable counsel, including insights into developing business and financing strategies that are both achievable and fundable.

Pasadena Angels investor members typically provide up to $750,000 thousand in early-stage financing and seed money to emerging ventures located in Southern California. Our members also lead funding rounds and cooperate with venture capital firms and other angel investment groups to support companies that seek to raise amounts greater than $750K.

Our members invest individually and directly, without any legal pooling of financial resources. The Pasadena Angels, a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization, does not invest or act as an investment agent in any manner.

Pasadena Angels charges no fees. We provide our services to companies that we believe have a significant potential for success and the capacity to benefit from our diverse member base.
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